The Qwerty Admin Panel Theme is a plugin for WordPress 2.7 (tested up to 2.8) that styles the admin panel and login screen for all users, allowing you to configure groups of colors through an options page, and css through a stylesheet. Also, it allows you to swap the wordpress logos with your own logo images, makes your favicon appear in the admin pages and allows you to hide certain parts of the admin interface to end users.

Your logo can appear on the login screen

It can be useful in helping to maintain your design, color schemes and branding on multi-author blogs and sites with user-contributed content, adding a nice touch to sites developed for clients, or simply personalizing your blog’s administration, look and feel.


You can download the plugin from the Plugin Directory.



Download the qwerty-admin .zip file and unpack it in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory, then enable it from your Plugins menu.

Usage / Configuration

While the Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Plugin has some defaults that you might like and keep, it’s basic purpose is to make the customization process quick and easy.

The styled interface


The options page is under Design –> Qwerty Admin Panel Theme. From there you can configure groups of colors.


In the qwerty-admin/images/ folder there are three images, which appear in the login screen (logo-login.png), the upper left corner of the admin panel (logo-ghost.png) and the upper right corner, on the panel’s header (logo-head.png). You can substitute these with your own – read the plugin’s readme.txt for details.

The plugin also points to a /favicon.ico which you probably have in your / directory.


If you need to enter any style information of your own, you can do so in a file named qwerty-admin-imports.css, which doesn’t come with the theme but will be loaded if you create it. This way, you can update everything without worrying of losing your customizations.

Currently the plugin uses the /wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.css file to get its initial styles from, and the only information it fiddles with is colors and images. Of course, you can change dimensions to suit your needs by entering your styles in the imports file.

Limited interface

The limited interface options work with wordpress capabilities, checking if the user has the “Limited interface” capability and hiding certain parts of the admin interface in that case.

The options panel provides toggles to quickly hide the Dashboard, Media and Comments menus. You can place any other css styles you wish to apply for that role in a file named qwerty-admin-limited.css in your plugin directory and it will be automatically included.

The limited interface


Post a comment if you have any questions / suggestions / bugs / improvements / praise / criticism to share.

Version History

  • A whole lot of bug fixes (thanks, Frank)
  • Custom css for the limited interface
  • Rewritten for the 2.7 admin panel.
  • New “Limited Interface” features.
  • Update friendly default images.

Initial Release! Features changing colors by entering a hex number, makes your favicon appear on the admin interface and swaps the default images with ones you supply.

To do list

You can help with that: If you have any ideas for improving this plugin post a comment!
I will be working on these next:

  • Drop down / text fields for specifying different image files and stylesheets
  • Some predefined color schemes
  • Integrating the Farbtastic color picker into the options page
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19 Responses to “Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Plugin for WordPress”
  1. WodPress管理画面テーマまとめ | LIFE Script! from AvanHeart says:

    […] Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Plugin for WordPress […]

  2. claudius says:

    Cool, nice post, this blog is great.keep the god job!
    Free Image Share !

  3. gbtrabzon says:

    Thanks a lot for this post

  4. hypnosis guy says:

    amazing insights.. lol, thanks :)

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  6. Coderies | says:

    […] QwertyAdminPane, un thème pour l’administration WordPress. Utile pour les blogs clients ou les blogs partagés… (astuce : penser à mettre le seul et unique compte administrateur en fond rouge) […]

  7. Levani says:

    Greate plugin. Thanks!!!

    Keep development :)

  8. adrian says:

    Very nice plugin, the only thing I would like is the ability to turn off the login. I would prefer to use BM Custom Login which replaces the original login panel with completely custom graphics. I renamed the png file in your plugin but it still draws your feathered white BG the login/pass field are overlayed on. See provided pic

    Is there a simple way to disable the white BG your plugin uses? Perhaps you could offer a checkbox setting to disable the login screen portion of your plugin?

    Thanks, and I really like being able to change the CSS and logos in the user dashboard :)

  9. Tasos Alvas says:

    Thanks for your feedback, Adrian.

    I did most of my testing with a white background, and that’s probably why I missed this.

    From a quick look, it seems the property you’ll need to add in the custom stylesheet is

    form#loginform {background-color: #YOUR-COLOR;}.

    Placing this in the qwerty-admin-imports.css in the plugin’s folder should do the trick.

    I want to check out some stuff relating to auto-updates before I roll out another version of the plugin, so it might take a while, but a toggle for the login features sounds like a good idea and I probably will implement it in the next version. For now, you can hack the plugin not to touch the login screen by commenting or erasing the line that says “add_action(‘login_head’, ‘qwerty_admin_header’);”.

  10. Micky says:

    Thanks for the plugin!! It works great!

    I need the ability for Subscribers to be able to modify their profile. How can I do this? They do not have sufficient privilege to Edit Posts. Of all users these are the ones I would really like to keep off the dashboard.

    Thanks for your help

  11. Tasos Alvas says:

    Hello Micky.

    The fastest way for you to do it right now would be to substitute the redirection to post-new with one to the profile screen. I will add an option for that when I make the next version but for now I am afraid you’ll have to hack the code.

    What you need to change is the word “post-new.php” in lines 67 and 70 of the qwerty-admin.php file. Set it to “profile.php” instead and users will be redirected there instead.

    Thanks for your interest and feedback.

  12. Micky says:

    Thank you for the hack. It works Great!

    In the future it would be nice to have the Subscribers go directly to their Profile and Contributors go directly to New Posts.

    Thanks again for all your work.

  13. annie says:

    This is a very good plugin! I was so glad to find it.

    But I need the login to display my site’s logo instead of the qwertyuiopia logo.

    Can I do this?

    Also, a graphic of a spiral overlays the Log Out link. Is it possible to remove it?

    Thanks very much for making this.

  14. annie says:

    Fixed the logo. But not the spiral. Cool spiral, but it covers up the words Log Out.

    Thank you again.

  15. Jeannie says:

    How can I set the plugin to take users directly to the home page of the website instead of to the dashboard? Much thanks fo ryour help. :)

  16. Manny Gongora says:

    annie, the spiral can be removed by just deleting the image from the folder, that is how I got rid of mine. They are png files so they overlap content on purpose but deleting it won’t hurt the look of the page.

  17. Qwerty Admin Panel Theme | 夢 says:

    […] WordPressの管理画面のデザインをカスタマイズ出来るプラグイン・Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Qwerty Admin Panel Theme Plugin for WordPress […]

  18. digg like says:


    I was tired of the appearance of the admin panel and login screen.

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