Chomping culture down into little bits

About me

  • My name is Tasos Alvas (he/them)
  • IPA: /t'æsos 'ælvæs/
  • I was born in 1983. I live in Athens, Greece.
  • mail: tasos.alvas@qwertyuiopia.com
  • GPG signature:
    D9DA 1083 DE4D 21B0 B82D 
    EA92 4B84 1DFE 32F6 713B 
Octafish Avatar

Technical artist

I work with a wide variety of media, including graphics, music and audio, web design and games.

Audio was my gateway into multimedia, once upon a time. I play stringed instruments (largely guitar, but also bass and a bit of cello), have been the singer in a few bands, a busker hitchhiking around Europe, and have spent four years studying Sound Engineering before I wandered off to the interactive side of things.

I have worked on graphics for print, the web and games and I'm comfortable working with vector or raster graphics and animations, as well as 3d models and rigs, manually or by scripting. Oh, also I draw stuff.

I write Python, GDScript, JavaScript, Lua, C, C++, PHP and Java, pretty much in that order of preference.

I also write songs, sometimes. “Code is poetry” and all that. I like words.

I enjoy working on projects that bring some or all of these together.

Game designer

I have worked as a freelancer building small games, prototypes and interactive multimedia since 2010; mainly with the Blender Game Engine, Panda3d and Godot.

I’m primarily interested in the design side of game development, although I can handle pretty much any role in a production pipeline (or be the first to tell you when you need someone more specialized).

I am excited about procedural generation and conveying narrative through systems. I’m also very fond of large, open datasets (such as the wiktionary) and how games can be a great tool to explore them.

I’m currently working on a solo project, to be announced; plus sitting on a pile of game design documents, but who isn’t.

Fun fact:

Right after I finished school, I studied to be a Chess Trainer in a short-lived one-year vocational training program. My dad is pretty well known in Athens’ chess scene. Met some cool people, had fun dissecting the game; I still have no idea why I would want to train someone in it.

Web developer

I have been freelancing as a web designer since ‘04 and running my own web stack since ‘08. It is my marketable skill!

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects including personal sites, communities, contributed content sites, shops, multilingual sites for local businesses and even some weird prototypes. I have worked extensively with Wordpress and Drupal. Currently I develop in Python, primarily with Django and Wagtail, and deploy on a Debian/Nginx/Gunicorn stack. On the frontend I build with Gulp, SASS and Bourbon.

I keep a web server and host several client websites, some of which get their business primarily from the web. I keep on top of updates and security, SEO trends and make sure any service that matters can happily read the microdata. I automate everything from deployment to monitoring with Fabric.

I am pretty excited about most of the changes that came with html5, like inline svg, css grid, the new css selectors or the new semantic html entities. I saw the new standard as a chance to rebuild my whole production pipeline to better allow chasing the dream of clean, semantically rich HTML (among other, more production-oriented goals).

This site is made with the attitude, tools and technologies described above. I will probably be ranting about all that from time to time.

Free software nut

I’m quite fond of free and open source software. My workstations and servers have been running GNU/Linux (Slackware, Suse, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu for a regrettable period, currently Debian) since the late ‘90s.

I am blissfully unaware of all things that happen on proprietary operating systems. I cannot clean your Windows. I can probably help you transition your computing to linux.

I’m comfortable producing all sorts of media and applications with the tools in the Free Software ecosystem and I can’t even understand why someone would integrate proprietary toys in their professional pipeline anymore. I try to contribute back to the community, when I feel I have something substantial to offer.

I was raised to seize the means of production.

You’re hired!

Yeah, this does look a lot like a resume.

If you have a project that sounds like it’d be a fit for my skill set, I’d be happy to consider it and give you a specification proposal, time frame and quote. I mostly work alone, but I can arrange for extra contracted work if the scope requires it.

I enjoy working on games, weird prototypes, data representation and tools for workflow automation. In a team I’m happy in design or development roles.

I can definitely build that mobile-first, semantically rich, retina-compatible, SEO friendly, HTTPS-Only website you wanted. I can make sure it’s pretty fast, scalable and keeps running, too.

That is all. Feel free to contact me.