Chomping culture down into little bits


I run a Design & IT shop targeted towards small and growing businesses and creative portfolios.

Our principles include working with open tools, building clean, maintainable solutions and respecting user rights, privacy and accessibility.

We are currently accepting new clients. Contact us to get a quote.

Web development

We design and host websites and applications using the Django framework and unique, custom frontend, hand-tailored to your content.

We see hosting and maintaining our clients' web presence and the infrastructure it needs to run on as a long-term responsibility.

We've been designing and hosting websites for more than 15 years and our tools and methodology have been carefully developed to allow us to create robust, lean solutions that can stand the test of time, while giving us maximum flexibility to implement the exact functionality you need and adapt to the ever-changing best practices of the modern web.

Whether you need a professionally built blog or business site, a multi-author or contributed content platform, an e-shop or web app, we're here to support you in making it fast, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized and secure.

Branding and Graphic design

We can help you define your brand identity, logo, color scheme and other promotional material.

We build your logo and other design elements with Scalable Vector Graphics, ensuring your material can be reused at any size, for any purpose.

We can provide you with a press kit suitable for providing to third parties to do any kind work for your brand, as well as:

  • Design for print (flyers, leaflets, banners) at any size
  • Profile pictures, cover photos and post templates for social media
  • Branded e-mail templates
  • Customized QR codes
  • 3D renders and animations
  • 3D Printable models

Games and interactive media

We make games and interactive multimedia with the Godot engine, including all assets and programming.

They can be deployed as embedded web applications using HTML5 and WebAssembly or natively on Linux, Windows, UWP, *BSD and Android.