Chomping culture down into little bits

Design principles and philosophy

Our mission is to make an IT approach usually reserved for mid to large sized companies available to smaller scale businesses and individuals.

Solutions, not product

We're here to provide solutions for your high level goals.

We are transparent in our methodology and specific choice of technologies. You will always be able to inspect how each and every part of your project is implemented and take over its implementation or deployment if and when you wish to.

Our role, however, is to help you navigate the technological landscape in order to achieve your specific goals. Present us with what you need to do and we'll take care of the rest.


We're keenly aware of the effort required to keep web services up and running long-term.

We are committed to:

  • Your uninterrupted service
  • Being familiar and able to provide support for every tool involved in our production pipeline
  • Keeping on top of all relevant security advisories and taking appropriate actions
  • Helping keep community tools up and running


Due to our Infrastructure as Code approach, redeploying your applications from our shared hosting to a dedicated server or even multiple load-balanced hosts is made pretty simple.

The Django framework itself is proven on very large platforms such as Instagram, NASA and Dropbox; Its performance and flexibility will be a solid foundation for your business and traffic to scale.

Our approach is to work with tools tried-and-true on larger scale infrastructure, while starting out with a very low footprint (and cost). When your project needs to scale or extend its functionality, it can just do so without having to replace suboptimal legacy parts.


Good design is universal. Our websites, media and applications aim to be accessible to the greatest extent possible to all people, regardless of age, class, ability, race or other factors.

While it often makes marketing sense for a specific message to be targeted towards specific audiences, the medium itself has no business limiting your reach. We build for people; nothing less.

With this in mind, we keep up to date with accessibility guidelines and specifications and listen to advocacy groups.

We don't cut corners when it comes to our design being inclusive and we do our best to help you shape your content strategy so your project can be accessible to the widest possible audience, too.

Digital sovereignty

The infrastructure is comprised of a backbone that can be hosted anywhere without being tightly linked to any specific vendor.

Our own applications follow the 12 Factor App methodology, making them adaptable to all sorts of deployments.

This allows your application to be ran on the cloud just as easily as they could on your local network, giving you control over the borders your communications are crossing.

We can integrate your application with any external services and infrastructure you choose, but it will never be tightly bound to any one particular service and it will always be able to keep going without them if it needs to.

Data protection by design

We have full control of our stack and no fuzzy lines over jurisdictions.

We consider privacy one of our core design principles and not an afterthought.

We believe that the safest data are those that are never collected in the first place and we code by this principle.

We take the GDPR seriously both in our dealings with our clients and with their audience:

  • We will not hold any of your data without your consent
  • We will never use your client/visitor data for any purpose outside the operation of your own application
  • We will consult you on compliance and will not implement any feature that violates data protection regulations in the jurisdictions your project reaches

No secret sauce

All of our work is done with open tools.

We're not in the business of bundling up proprietary third-party services and presenting them to you as a product; We see this as pure technical debt that would get in the way of us being able to guarantee your project can keep running as intended.

What we offer is our work-hours and expertise applied to your problem domain.

All of our content is stored in open formats.

This allows us to avoid vendor lock-in, to ensure interoperability of all content with the full range of relevant tools, and to write custom solutions to manipulate it as required.

Open tools are useful knowledge

Working with free and open source software allows us to be in touch with the community of each tool in a way proprietary software just cannot. It is where we discuss and ultimately define the tools of our trade.

If I had a hammer, would I need to be included in the conversation about how hammers are designed? Yes, ideally, yes I would.

We consider this level of access a prerequisite for us integrating a software tool in our professional workflow, training people to work with it, and for suggesting that you do so as well.

Knowledge of a proprietary tool limits the people working on it to only what its developers had envisioned. Working with an open tool allows the end user to accumulate expertise at any level of its domain they are comfortable at.

We're here to support you on using your application and any external tools required to work with it, so whether or not you choose to look under the hood is completely up to you. If you do, however, you may rest assured that the technologies you or your staff learn will be applicable on any system, within or outside your application.

Upstream contributions

We try to keep in touch with the projects involved in our workflow and contribute with improvements or donations when possible.

We don't compete by hoarding the improvements we make from the rest of our field. We aspire to contribute in making our tools the best they can be so we can create value by using them.

We may encourage you to make parts of our work together freely available under the GPL, AGPL or Creative Commons licenses. The copyrights of your project belong to you as work-for-hire, so this decision lies ultimately up to you.

A clear exit strategy

Your project will always be a self-contained code repository, with the capacity to be deployed to any properly configured host. This includes web, mail and all other services.

Your domain name pointing to our servers will be all that ties you to our services, and you are free to clone your repository and walk away at any point (though we'd appreciate a heads up).

All technologies used in setting up your IT stack are free and as yours as they are ours. We chose them believing them to be a good investment to learn and to use. We think you or your IT staff will find them easy to hit the ground running with, as well as adapt them according to your own needs.

Our claims about scalability would ring hollow if they did not allow you to grow out of this service, after all. :)